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In Australia, every year more than 200 motorcycle riders and passengers are killed and many more are injured in road crashes. Some of these injuries could be prevented or reduced if all motorcyclists chose the safest helmet and wore the right helmet for their head size.

What is CRASH?

The Consumer Rating and Assessment of Safety Helmets (CRASH) is run by a consortium of government agencies and insurance companies which share a common interest in improving motorcycle safety.

CRASH provides helmet buyers with independent and consistent information on the levels of protection from injury in a crash provided by motorcycle helmets and the comfort level of the helmet.

Current CRASH consortium members are Transport for NSW, the Transport Accident Commission (TAC), State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA) and Australian Motorcycle Council (AMC).

Aims of CRASH

The underlying philosophy of CRASH is to provide motorcyclists with information to help them choose and use the safest motorcycle helmet. It also aims to apply commercial and consumer pressure on helmet manufacturers to market only helmets that perform well beyond the requirements of the Australian/New Zealand Standard 1698: Protective Helmets for Vehicle Users (AS/NZS 1698) or the UNECE 22. The program also intends to provide feedback to the Standards Committee for motorcycle helmets to be used in improving the Standard.


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