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About MotoCAP



MotoCAP was the winner of the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) 2019 Road Safety Award.

The award was instituted as part of FIM’s contribution to the United Nations Decade of Action for Road Safety and is focused on improving road safety for motorcycle, scooter and moped riders.

FIM acknowledges MotoCAP’s independent process for testing and rating the protective and thermal comfort performance of motorcycle clothing that encourages the motorcycle community to use the safest gear when riding.

Choose the right gear for your ride

Motorcycle gear safety ratings

The right gear can greatly reduce the likelihood of permanent injuries from a crash and shorten hospital recovery times. With the right gear, you will enjoy a more comfortable ride, with less distraction, fatigue and dehydration.

Riders are best protected when their whole body is covered with abrasion resistant materials, with added impact protection for the joints. Riders wearing protective motorcycle clothing, especially when fitted with impact protection, are less likely to have any injuries in a crash, while those who are injured are less likely to be hospitalised.  Unfortunately, studies show that up to 30 per cent of motorcycle clothing fails in crashes.

Until now, riders have had little information on choosing the best products to protect them from injury if they crash. Nor could retailers or manufacturers compare the performance of their products to others in the market.

The Motorcycle Clothing Assessment Program (MotoCAP) has been established by a consortium of government and private organisations across Australia and New Zealand. MotoCAP's aim is to empower motorcyclists to choose the right gear that provides them with the best protection and comfort for their ride.

Members of the MotoCAP Focus Group include:

  • Transport for NSW
  • State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA)
  • Victoria State Government - Department of Transport
  • Transport Accident Commission (TAC)
  • Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR)
  • Motor Accident Insurance Commission (MAIC)
  • Lifetime Support Authority (LSA)
  • Road Safety Commission
  • Department of State Growth
  • Australian Motorcycle Council
  • Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC).

Testing Process

Find out how MotoCAP tests gear for ratings.

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Frequently asked questions

Find out more information on protective gear and MotoCAP.

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