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Pants are rated by MotoCAP after being subjected to a range of tests to measure abrasion durability, impact resistance and breathability.

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Maverick CE

Abrasion Test
Impact Test
Burst Test
Water Resistance
Thermal comfort
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Primary Material Textile


This garment is fitted with impact protectors for the knees. Pockets are provided at the hips for fitting aftermarket impact protectors. Replacing the knee armour with higher performing impact protectors and adding hip impact protectors would improve the protection levels of this garment.

There are zipped vents in the front legs to allow controlled airflow movement through the garment. The breathability rating is based on tests of the garment's materials when all vents are closed. The breathability of this product may be better when the vents can be opened.

This garment has a removable water-resistant liner. The breathability rating above was achieved with the thermal and water-resistant liners removed. When tested with the water-resistant liner installed, the breathability rating reduced but remained within the half a star range.

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